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The Bearded Goat Barber team is thrilled to be open in Shirlington! We offer a full array of haircut styles, shape-ups, and grey blending. If a shave is what you’re looking for, we provide a relaxing straight razor hot towel shave. We also specialize in beard shaping and sculpting. Put your trust in us, and let our clippers and scissors do the work.

We’re a great place to get fresh and a sanctuary from the outside world. Everything at Bearded Goat Barber is personally curated by the team, from the music you hear to the classic cuts to the merchandise and gear. We hope you’ll become a part of the Bearded Goat Barber family.

Our Team

Eric Renfro

Co-Founder and Barber

Meet Eric, a master of the classic barber style cut and a cornerstone of the Bearded Goat Barber since its establishment in 2019. With a pair of clippers and a razor in hand, he’s been perfecting the art of grooming since the turn of the millennium. His journey through the years has seen countless trends come and go, but Eric’s dedication to the timeless look and precision of traditional barbering has never wavered.

As a co-founder of Bearded Goat Barber, alongside his partners Jon and Scott, Eric has cultivated a space where camaraderie meets craftsmanship. His chair is more than just a spot for a haircut; it’s a haven for those seeking the quintessential barbershop experience. Eric’s expertise shines when it comes to sculpting beards and executing the perfect straight razor shave, ensuring every client leaves feeling sharp and refreshed.

Beyond his barbering prowess, Eric’s passion for culture enriches his craft. His love for music often sets the tone in the shop, with tunes that create a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. A cinephile and foodie at heart, Eric is always ready to chat about the latest film releases or share recommendations for the best eats around town.

As a die-hard supporter, Eric’s loyalty to his local sports teams is unwavering. Win or lose, you’ll find him cheering with the same fervor he brings to his work—wholeheartedly and without reservation.

When the scissors are set down and the shop lights dim, Eric’s adventurous spirit takes the lead. He’s often spotted zipping through the streets and trails on his bicycle, embracing the freedom and joy of two-wheeled exploration. Whether he’s on a leisurely ride or a thrilling adventure, Eric’s love for life is as evident as his skill with a blade.

Step into Bearded Goat Barber, take a seat in Eric’s chair, and you’re not just getting a haircut—you’re becoming part of a story that’s been growing one cut at a time since 2000.

Richard Conant


My name is Rich. I’ve been cutting hair for over 30 years. I am great with beards as well. I’m into motorcycles space and science fiction.



I’ve been doing hair over ten years I love doing pixie cuts, razor cuts & edgy cuts! I enjoy talking about product knowledge, how to use it and what works for different hair types. God, my family, & my puppy keep me going & motivated:)



I’m Jorge Rodriguez, a barber deeply passionate about crafting unique styles and perfecting every haircut. A native of Northern Virginia, my journey in the industry began back in 2017, but my love for cutting hair dates back to my teenage years. Beyond the barbershop, I thrive on exploring new destinations, immersing myself in different cultures, and indulging in the diverse flavors of global cuisine.



My name is Janelline and I’ve been cutting hair since my high school days. I’m always eager to keep up with the latest trends in hair styling, constantly scouring the internet for inspiration. If I had to describe my cutting style, I’d say it’s versatile. I don’t want to limit myself to just one technique like scissor work or fades; instead, I strive to excel in every aspect of my craft. My goal is to become a well-rounded stylist capable of meeting the diverse needs of my clients.



A Virginia native, Tammy has been working in the industry since 2017. She started as a cosmetologist in California and then transitioned to barbering in 2021 when she moved back home. Tammy thrives on the creative process of curating a haircut that best fits her clients. She lives with her partner and cat, and enjoys harvesting pumpkins in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Her favorite true crime podcasts are “Rotten Mango” and “A Favorite Murder”.



Originally from DC, I ventured into the barber and beauty industry over a decade ago, specializing in women’s color and cuts. While on vacation in Germany, a chance encounter in a German barbershop redirected my focus towards barbering. Beyond the barbershop,I make handmade leather accessories, traveling and conquering full/half marathons across the globe.



Terina is a seasoned hairstylist with 13 years of experience in the industry. Specializing in textured haircuts, scissor cuts, fades, and working with all hair types, she has honed her skills to create unique and personalized looks for her clients. Beyond her passion for hairstyling, Terina is known for her personable and professional demeanor, making each client feel comfortable and valued during their salon experience. When she’s not working, Terina enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, cherishing moments of connection and relaxation outside of the salon environment.



Amir has been a Stylist for 10 years. He is dedicated to providing exceptional grooming services to all clients, insuring confidence in their appearance. He holds a cosmetology license as well and is just as fluent in fades as he is with longer hair. 



My name is Najat I am professional barber/hair stylist and colorist with over 18 years of experience. I love to create short and long hair cuts, skin fade is my passion. What sets me apart isn’t just my skill with the scissors or my flair with a razor—it’s the ability to listen and understand my clients’ needs and because I believe that a haircut isn’t just about changing how you look, it’s about enhancing how you feel about yourself. Cutting Hair is my art and I love the process of transforming clients from start to finish—whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a complete transformation.

Here's what you should expect from our barbershop in Arlington.

Health & Safety Conscious

At BGB, we care for the safety of our customers and staff. That’s why we’re committed to following all CDC guidelines which include:
  • Sanitize workspace, tools, chair, capes, and waiting area
  • Masks are worn by everyone throughout the entire experience
  • Maintain proper hand washing consistently throughout the day


No matter what your style is, we will consistently deliver the quality that you expect when you sit in our chair.


Listen to music, check out some sports, have a casual conversation. It's the perfect place when you want to take a break.


We love what we do, but we're also seasoned professionals—expect only the best from our team.

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